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The story that went a bit viral, to millions of people in the UK and around the World

The people who drink URINE to lose weight and cure acne: Pair claim to have shed a combined 55lbs and feel 'energised' after quaffing and rubbing their bodily fluid on their FACES

Ingredients that may surprise you...

Every ingredient in your body is in your blood, filtered by the liver, filtered and distributed by the kidneys. Only the "excess" is in your orin (urine), pee, there is no "waste". Its called, "Plasma Ultra Filtrate"

Many are finding out what pee really is

Your orin (urine) is your ultra filtered blood mixed with water. Hint; Ask an RN if your urine is sterile. They will tell you it is.  You have your own live Stem Cells, DNA, all proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antibodies, and more, over 3,000 different (identified) ingredients, ALL sterile, not a "waste".

My interview on the #1 radio show in Australia (12 million)

This may be one of the most in depth interviews on mainstream media, regarding this therapy! This practice is increasing, and more are finding their best health ever!

Interview with Julia on 98 Rock Baltimore

Here is a great video on the free and healthy practice


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